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We provide a wide range of IT solutions with enterprise grade quality.

Specialized in continuous delivery in an agile environment, we look after Development and Testing for first class companies like Jive Software, Cedexis and Lithium, becoming their technology partners.

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With today’s technologies fast pace, continuous delivery for cloud offering and evolution of agile methodologies, development processes need to be adapted. As time between releases gets shorter, a major focus on quality needs to be added to avoid last minute or after-release failures. Manual testing alone can’t keep up with development speed, so automated testing and advanced testing techniques become a must.

Clarolab addresses both, development needs as well as a full range of testing needs.


Functional, end to end, test plan development, automated, black box, white box, cross browser. We have more than 10 years of experience in testing for enterprise grade companies. We’ve developed test strategies from scratch and are extremely proficient in automated testing methods.


We have a strong background in developing and maintaining web applications, leveraging Java, several frameworks and languages. Working with big companies and different clients makes us very flexible when there’s a need to adapt to a new framework or technology stack.


Penetration testing, source code analysis, network security. Our team includes professionals who have been working in the subject for over 7 years, running security for large companies, with deep understanding of audits, standards and regulatory compliance.

Backline Support

Happy customers are the key of every successful business. Our team of highly skilled professionals make sure that issues are responded to and followed up to proper conclusion, ensuring customer satisfaction.
Root cause analysis, in-depth troubleshooting, critical thinking and quick & effective communication are key components of our everyday toolset.

Globalization, Internationalization & Localization

Over 7 years of experience with large globalization, internationalization and localization projects with over 20 languages and support for right-to-left languages puts Clarolab in a position to be considered a solid option when it comes to software globalization, internationalization and localization.


With great tooling and experts onboard, we are capable of detecting where an application is underperforming to drive fixing efforts.


Achieving WCAG 2.0 or Section 508 standards requires experience in Javascript and CSS, working across different browsers, considering different display sizes as well as responsive designs. This is a challenge we deal with on a daily basis. We develop compliant code and test through code inspection as well as manual verification through JAWS, VoiceOver and NVDA.

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